Chris Jevons is a children’s book illustrator based in Harrogate UK. He has illustrated many books including picture books, board books and fiction series. 

Chris particularly enjoys drawing characters, dinosaurs, animals, monsters, haunted houses and spooky things. 

Chris also has an allotment where he grows many different fruit and vegetables. These include delicious tomatoes, wonky carrots and a GIANT pumpkin! Chris hopes to one day grow a pumpkin so large he can live inside it! Sadly, he will still have to pay council tax. 

Chris is represented internationally by The Bright Agency.

Clients include: Hodder, Scholastic, Maverick, Lerner, Parragon USA, Capstone Publishing, Little Tiger Press, Penguin, Ladybird, Pearson, Miles Kelly, Milly and Flynn, Usborne, Igloo, Egmont, Liontree Publishing and many more. 

You can contact Chris directly at: chris.jevsillustration@gmail.com


The Bright Agency: mail@thebrightagency.com


Twitter: @Chris_Jev

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisjevonsillustration/